Garth Hill College

Mrs Liz Dolby

Chair of Board of Governors (Co-opted Governor)


Term :  06/07/2017 to 05/07/2021

Post Ofsted Action Plan : Leadership and Management

Link Governor : Human Resources (including Communications)



I have been a Bracknell Forest Governor since 1997 and joined the Board of Governors at Garth Hill College in 2003 as a Parent Governor. I am now a Co-opted Governor and was elected Chair of Governors in February 2017. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because, having been a governor at my son’s primary school, I was keen to continue that work when he moved to Garth and play an active role in the ongoing success of the College. We are lucky to have dedicated and talented staff at Garth, led by a very experienced, dedicated and professional Principal and Vice Principal.  It is both enjoyable and rewarding to work closely with them and my Governor colleagues with our shared and unwavering goal of ensuring every child achieves their potential and learns to love learning to set them up for a happy and successful life.  Working in education has never been boring(!), but in these uncertain times, with the strict financial and regulatory frameworks within which we must operate, we are faced with endless challenges.  I feel privileged to dedicate my time and skills to help the whole team at Garth meet and overcome those challenges. I have a combined honors degree in French and German from Exeter University.  Since graduating, I worked as an HR professional for over 30 years, specialising in employment law, policy development, occupational health and latterly shared service operations, before taking early retirement in 2016. I have lived and worked in Bracknell since 1986. Both my sons have recently graduated from university and are finally flying the nest, so my husband and I are looking forward to indulging in some extended leisure time and enjoying more travelling, wine tasting and music.


Mr Mark Robinson 

Co-Vice Chair of Board of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

Term :  06/07/2017 to 05/07/2021

Committees :  Pay Committee, Principal's Performance Management

Post Ofsted Action Plan :  Member of Governors' Scrutiny Panel

Link Governor : L&C and  Lawrence House



I have been a Governor since 2001. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I have always had an interest in education and the local company I worked for was approached by Garth Hill to help with a number of aspects of Governance – I volunteered to be a Governor on that basis and have remained as a Governor throughout the last 16 years. I have really enjoyed seeing the school develop and grow and have also enjoyed the collaborative way in which we work with fellow governors, the SLT and the broader Garth Hill community. I am married with two grown up boys and live in Guildford.  I’ve been involved in Financial Services since 1989 and now work for myself advising banks and other financial services companies on aspects of strategy.  I am also on the Advisory Board of a small independent school and I am also involved in the Young Enterprise initiative.


Mrs Sarah Mortimer  

Co-Vice Chair of Board of Governors(Co-opted Governor)

Term : 09/11/2015 to 08/11/2019 

Committees : Development Governor

Post Ofsted Action Plan :  Member of Governors' Scrutiny Panel

Link Governor : Post 16/Sixth Form (including EDGE, Careers Education/Advice and Guidance) 


I have been a Governor at Garth Hill College since 2011 (and was previously a Governor at an infant and junior school from 1997 onwards). I joined the Board of Governors because I am passionate about the value of education and was impressed by Garth.  I wanted to use my previous experience as chair of governors to support the school that all my children moved into at age 11. I enjoy having first-hand knowledge of the school so that I can celebrate the commitment and success of staff and pupils and be involved in improving the school; it’s a privilege. I have a language degree and training in literacy teaching and supporting learners with special educational needs in Further Education. I bring enthusiasm, commitment and care to the role, along with a belief that all young people have the right to an excellent education in their local school.


Mr Keith Grainger

Ex Officio Governor (The Principal)

Term :  Continuous




I have been a Governor at Garth Hill College since 2007. I became an Ex Officio Governor upon my appointment as Principal of Garth Hill College. As Principal and Governor, I enjoy working with a wide range of people to provide the best possible educational experience to all of our young people. I graduated with an Honours degree in Social Science in 1991, and then completed a PGCE course in History, gaining distinction in practice. I began teaching in 1992. I have a Master’s degree in Education Management and attained the National Professional Qualification for Headship. I have been working for Garth Hill College since 2001 and have been Principal since 2007. I am a Board member for the PiXL Club (Partners in Excellence) and have experience of working with many other secondary schools. I am also a primary school governor. I am married with three children. My interests outside of education include music, military history and Chelsea Football Club.


Dr Gareth Barnard

Local Authority Governor

Term :  01/02/2018 to 31/01/2022

Post Ofsted Action Plan : -Behaviour, Personal Development and Welfare

Link Governor : Pupil Personal Development, behaviour and Wellbeing (including Trips and Visits)



I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to support our local secondary school as it embarked on a sustained journey of school improvement and to help it meet the aspirations of the young people that attend and the wider community it serves by putting students at the heart of all that the college does. I enjoy meeting the students, sharing their successes, both inside and outside of the College. I also enjoy watching Garth Hill College grow in confidence, as a truly inclusive school, serving the communities that make up the greater North Bracknell area. I have lived in Whitegrove, Warfield since 1991 and have three children, one attending a local secondary school. I am an Elected Borough, Town and Parish Councillor, with, on the Borough Council, responsibility for School improvement and more widely services for Children and Young People. I have a background in science, as a chemistry graduate with a PhD from the University of Leeds. I bring an understanding of the School improvement framework, public accountability, knowledge and understanding of science teaching and enthusiasm to serve the wider Garth Hill College community.


Mrs Virginia Bacon

Staff Governor

Term :  24/09/2015 to 23/09/2019

Link Governor :  Staff Wellbeing




I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because, as a long-standing member of staff at Garth Hill College, I have witnessed the significant progress the College has made in recent years and wanted to contribute to the school’s future further development as a staff governor. I was appointed Staff Governor in September 2015 and am looking forward to supporting the College. I have lived in the local area within walking distance of Garth Hill College for nearly thirty years and both of my daughters have attended the College. Since 1996 I have worked in the SEN and Inclusion Department where I have been involved with meeting parents and liaising with the Local Authority in order to get many pupils the correct level of support that they need in order to progress.


Dr Tijana Blanusa

Parent Governor

Term :  24/09/2015 to 23/09/2018

Post Ofsted Action Plan : Curriculum and Assessment

Link Governor : Maths, Information Studies and Fielden House



I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I was eager to give back to the College which provides great support and stretch to my son who thoroughly enjoys his time here. I come to this role with six years’ experience of primary school governance and with a day job as a research scientist. My particuar interests are in ensuring the quality of Teaching and Learning, along with the analysis of pupil progress data. I am a Link governor for the School of Mathematics and information Sciences (Fielden). I interact regularly with teachers and school leaders to understand key priorities and day-to-day activities within the school and to offer challenge and support. The most rewarding part of my role are meetings with pupil representattives. Their fresh and honest views remind me why are re here!


Mrs Vikki Comley

Parent Governor

Term :  09/11/2015 to 08/11/2019

Post Ofsted Action Plan : Teaching and Learning

Link Governor : Pupil Premium



I have been a Governor since 2011. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to have an input into Garth Hill College as my children were all at the school.  I now have one child at the school after seeing the older two successfully complete their A Levels. I have enjoyed seeing the school progress over the years and being part of the decision-making process. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school community and love watching school productions and assemblies. I have a background in Economics and currently teach Maths KS3 and KS4 at a local secondary school for children with behavioural difficulties.  I have a particular interest in how school looks after pupils with special educational needs and this is why I am the link governor for pupil premium pupils.


Mr John Garred

Parent Governor

Term :  24/09/2015 to 23/09/2019

Post Ofsted Action Plan :  Pupil and Parent / Carer Voice

Link Governor :  Business (Finance and IT)



I was elected to the Board of Governors in September 2015. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to broaden my understanding of secondary education with a view to using my business experience to provide guidance and advice that could ultimately assist pupils in determining their career paths. I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience of working in multi-national companies across various industry sectors e.g. airline, retail, service, manufacturing and engineering.  In recent years my focus has been on compliance and ethics, particularly relating to global corruption. I am married with two children currently at Garth Hill College and I previously served on their Primary School PTA for nine years, two as Chairman, and one as Vice-Chairman.  I also coached a local junior football team for four years and obtained the Football Association’s level one coaching certificate.


Mrs Alison Smith

Co-opted Governor

Term :  01/02/2018 to 31/01/2022

Post Ofsted Action Plan :  Attendance

Link Governor : Safeguarding, Environment



I have been a Governor since 2009. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to support the school that looked after my children during their time at Garth Hill College. I have been proud to say I have been involved in making the decisions that keep the College pushing for excellence in all areas of school life. I have enjoyed being on the recruitment panel. I have also taken part in School Reviews under the guidance of the Senior Leadership Team. My son attended Garth Hill College and went on to study ICT in Reading and my daughter is joining Garth Hill College’s Key Stage 5 in September in the new Sixth Form Centre. I have a background in Education Administration. I bring enthusiasm, commitment and, above all, a need to ensure the best outcomes for everyone at Garth Hill College – Pupils and Staff.


Mr Martin Field

Co-opted Governor

Term :  06/07/2017 to 05/07/2021

Committees :  Pay Committee, Principal's Performance Management Committee

Post Ofsted Action Plan : -Teaching and Learning

Link Governor : HCP & Haversham House

I have been a Governor since 2009 and became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to bring my skills and experiences to Garth to help to make it an outstanding school, where every child matters and can be the best they can be. I enjoy being a link governor having spent five years linked to Fielden and now linked to Haversham. I initially joined the Board of Governors as a Parent Governor and am now a Co-opted Governor in my third term of service. I have had all three of my children attend Garth Hill College and they have all grown from the experiences they gained, not all plain sailing, but with the support of the college they have succeeded. My career has been within Information Technology & Cyber Security fields within technical, leadership and management areas, and I feel this enables me to bring a wide range of experiences from a business, financial and leadership perspective, to provide support and challenge in the journey for the schools, its staff and ultimately its young people.


 Mr Andrew Lebrecht

Co-opted Governors 

 Term :  27/01/2016 to 26/01/2020

Committees :  Pay Committee, Principal's Performance Management Committee

Post Ofsted Action Plan : Chair of Governors' Scrutiny Panel

Link Governor : Science and Technology and Brownlow House, Deputy Link Governor for Business (Finance & IT)


I have been a Governor since March 2016. I became a Governor at Garth Hill College because I wanted to offer the expertise I have as a recently retired civil servant and diplomat to the benefit of the local community.  Serving on Garth Hill’s Board of Governors is an ideal way of doing this and I hope I can add real value to the Board. I enjoy the enthusiasm and positive spirit I find everywhere at Garth Hill.  I enjoy working with a college that is well led and well governed but nevertheless faces many challenges to ensure it provides the very best for Bracknell children and the local community over the coming years. I have recently come to live in Bracknell, having spent most of my adult life living in Reading. I have 2 daughters who benefited from excellent State education and are now pursuing interesting careers. I developed the skills I hope to offer Garth Hill through senior leadership roles in the Department of Environment in London and the UK permanent representation to the EU in Brussels.


Dr Hayley McArdle

Clerk to the Governing Body

Term : 19/02/2018 to present

I was appointed as Clerk to the board of Governors in February 2018. I clerk all meetings of the Board of Governors including committees, sub-committees and disciplinary committees. I am a Biologist and spent a number of years in the University Sector. I gained a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology from Leicester University before joining the Civil Service, where I worked primarily in corporate governance.


Mrs Sarah Spencer-Jones

Co-opted Governors 

Term : 24/04/2018 to 23/04/2022

I was elected to the Board of Governors in May 2018. I became a governor because, having seen my two boys through education, I realise how important a positive all round educational experience is to our young people. I am looking forward to being able to shape that experience for young people from all backgrounds and with different ambitions, and look forward to the challenge of working with fellow Governors, Staff, Students and Parents/Guardians to improve the performance and standards of the College for the benefit of all. I live in Ascot and have previously held a governor role at an independent school, and I would like to bring this experience, together with skills and experience gained through working 30 years in varied Sales, Operations, Change Management, and Commercial roles in multinational companies in the leisure and media sectors, to Garth Hill College. I am a person who is always looking for ways to change and improve areas, and look forward to making the right decisions, to reap fantastic rewards for all associated with Garth Hill College.


Mr Micheal Giles

Parent Governors 

Term : 24/09/2015 to 23/09/2019

Seven Years ago after a long career managing high volume printing, information technology and graphics arts I set up a business offering a complete maintenance solution to prestige properties. During this time, i have worked with many ex pupils of Garth Hill College within the local trades as well as young people starting out in their first year of full time work. It has given me a unique understanding of local needs within the community and the needs of local business. The skills I can bring are one of  seeing opportunities when they arise, understanding issues and contributing to achieve good outcomes, an ability to listen and work with people both young and old, build positive relationships and bring fresh ideas. Having worked in the corporate marketing world within the services industry and also setting up a local business I have gained a number of skills and can offer advice when required in areas of negotiation, research, project management and starting a business. Having a daughter at Garth Hill i see both sides of the issues and have a vested interest in the college improving positively in the near future. The college is clearly going through a period of change and I would like to help in any way possible to ensure it improves for the benefit of both pupils and staff at this challenging time.