Garth Hill College

School of Human, Creative and Physical Studies (Home of Haversham)

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The subjects delivered in the School of Human, Creative and Physical Studies are:

SCHOOL AND House Staff
Assistant Principal (‘Head of School’) Mrs Hart
Curriculum Team Leader Mr Harris
Deputy Curriculum Team Leader Mr Worsell
Subject Leader Art and Design Mrs Saunders
Subject Leader Citizenship Mr McLeish
Subject Leader Drama Mrs Farrell
Subject Leader Geography Mrs Winsor
Subject Leader Government and Politics Mr Harris
Subject Leader Health & Social Care Mrs Pegg
Subject Leader History

Mr Harris 
Subject Leader Music Mrs Lucas
Subject Leader Physical Education Mr Worsell
Subject Leader Religious Studies Mr McLeish
Subject Leader Travel and Tourism Mrs Schalkwyk
Head of House Ms Murray
Assistant Head of House Mr Smith
House Mentor Mrs Langley
Admin support link Mrs Allison