Garth Hill College

OFSTED Monitoring Inspection, 04 July 2018


The College received an OFSTED Monitoring Inspection on Wednesday 04 July 2018.  Schools that receive a Grade 3 (Requiring Improvement) following a full OFSTED inspection may be subject to this type of monitoring inspection.  The purpose of the inspection, conducted by Diana Choulerton, was to check the College’s progress against the areas for development identified in the last full OFSTED inspection of February 2017. 

A short report summarising the findings of the monitoring inspection are published on the OFSTED website ( and a copy is also published on this page.

I am pleased to inform you that the report is very positive.  Mrs Choulerton concluded that the College was taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the last section 5 inspection.  She wrote that leaders were ‘working unstintingly on all fronts to improve the school.’  The report also commented that:


· Leaders and governors are gaining an increasingly accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They know what is improving and which matters need further attention.

· Leaders’ work to improve behaviour is commendable. The new behaviour policy, introduced last September, is proving effective. Pupils are clear that behaviour has improved. Low-level disruption is much less common.

· Leaders have been getting to grips with concerns about bullying and pupils’ well-being. Leaders’ use of regular ‘well-being’ surveys help them check that pupils increasingly feel safe and confident to report concerns.

· Importantly, heads of house and form tutors are following up any concerns that pupils raise. Pupils said they know they can turn to staff who would, do ‘all they can’ to support them and deal with any bullying.

· Leaders have undertaken much work to improve teaching and assessment. Teachers have received helpful training and support to develop their practice. Teaching is improving.

· Pupils’ progress, including that of disadvantaged pupils, is improving.


The inspection also identified that further action needs to be taken to ensure that the extent and depth of knowledge that pupils should gain in each subject by the end of each topic is consistently clear, so teaching is routinely sharply focused on providing suitable challenge for pupils with differing starting points.

The College is clearly moving in the right direction, but there can be no complacency.  Everyone in the Garth Hill community must remain focused and work together to continue the improvement.  Nevertheless, this is certainly a high note on which to end a successful year. 


Mr Grainger




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